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Famous Democrat pollster Pat Cadell says the polls are skewed and the media is in the Hillary Bag! As always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Kathy Barnette Christian + Mom + Wife + Adj Professor-Pres - Black Conservative+VETERAN+Radio Host. Joins Joe to discuss the issues of the day

Hillary may have violated election law in North Carolina over the weekend interfering with an early election polling place. AND... Haiti hasn't gotten any help from the Clintons. Why doesn't the Left call them out for this? There is a Haitian group who consistently picket the Clinton Foundation to find out what happened to the...
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Virginian Governor gave $700K to FBI agent’s wife

The Wall Street Journal reported that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s camping records reveal that his PAC gave $500,000 to Dr. Jill McCabe, the wife of FBI agent Andrew McCabe who oversaw the investigation of the misuse of a private email server by Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton

Clinton campaign manager OK with them breaking the law!

obvious pay-to-play behavior between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation

Did Hillary break the Law – AGAIN?

Hillary Clinton was campaigning in North Carolina on Sunday. At a church in Raleigh, she said, “We are all safer when everyone in America respects the law and is respected by the law.” The lack of self-awareness

El Chapo’s wife angry that conjugal visits are being cut!

Emma Coronel, said authorities have gone too far – they cut the drug lord’s conjugal visits with from four hours down to two.

The Bible tells us to protect Muslims?

Kerry’s words are strange to say the least. It’s basically a half-baked attempt to forge an affinity for Islam, and is a statement that the U.S. is now acquiescing to the Muslim Brotherhood, who has successfully infiltrated the United States to a large degree.

Mega taxes mostly owed by Democrats!

One in particular that is hurting the counties and state he lives and is RUNNING FOR OFFICE IN, Jim Justice, a coal billionaire running for West Virginia governor,

Why do Catholics Love someone who hates them?

Vice President candidate Kaine said that the Catholic church needs to get in line with the way he thinks or the Government may be forced to add laws to change their belief system.

Distract, Deny… then Lie!

When Clinton is asked about the leaked emails she denies knowing about them! When asked about the “classified” emails she didn’t see any or know what the classified marks were for. She’s having lots of bouts of the “I don’t recall” disease.

The Hillary team – The Killing of a black youth helps us!

How much do black lives matter to Hillary Clinton? If they can be used as fodder to advance the Democratic nominee’s agenda, then they matter a ton.

Conservative label may mean NOTHING!

Ruddy surprised many NewsmaxTV viewers when he fired his highest-rated host, filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, because he supported Donald Trump for president

Hillary’s Email Exchange with Gen. Petraeus Reveals MUCH!

“CENTCOM records shows approximately 1,000 work-related emails between Clinton’s personal email and General David PETRAEUS, former Commander of CENTCOM and former Director of the CIA. Most of those 1,000 emails were not believed to be included in the 30,000 emails that IPS was reviewing. Out of the 30,000 emails,

Team Hillary Ridicules Catholics, Latinos, and Bernie Supporters in Latest Email Leak

But the Clinton campaign doesn’t just hate Team Trump- a new email leak reveals that Hillary’s team of progressive snobs ridicule anyone holding personal beliefs contrary to their political agenda.
The Clinton
President Obama

Obama Tells Trump to “Stop Whining” – REALLY?

“I have never seen, in my lifetime or in modern political history, any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place,” Obama added.

How the Clinton Machine Programs the Media Against Trump!

CNN leftist Brian Stelter lighted on a way to attack GOP nominee Donald Trump by insisting he is ruining the United States with his warning about massive Democrat vote fraud. Stelter maintained that Trump’s warning is “dangerous” to American democracy.

The Clinton-Kremlin-Qatar connection

Why would she do that? Does she realize there is no hope that she will prevail in the upcoming election and she and Slick are simply feathering their nest for retirement?
there's a planet in my kitchen

#MAGA3x: There’s A Planet In My Kitchen

"The Media is the message". McLuhan prophetically explained that the media itself affects our society. For example, a story on a news channel about any particular crime has nothing to do with the actual crime. Instead, the news story has everything to do with manipulating a change in public attitude towards the crime.
Silence, Free Speech, 1st Amendment

Another university limits students’ freedom of speech

James Madison University recently distributed to its student leaders a list of 35 phrases that students should avoid.
Blue Lives Matter rally

Officer victim of the war against police force

Although it is true that some police officers may abuse their authority, most of them risk their lives every day to protect their countrymen. It is terrible that are afraid of being judged as abusive officers and refuse to defend themselves from violent criminals. An officer and two colleagues were hospitalized, but how many more police officers must suffer because of the war against them?


Who won the final debate?

  • Chris Wallace (15%, 21 Votes)
  • Donald Trump (51%, 71 Votes)
  • Hillary Clinton (34%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 140

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Voting machine caught on camera, switching Republican votes to Democrat votes! They'll chalk this up as a "calibration error", but imagine how many times this can slip through without people realizing what's happened! Share this everywhere! FULL STORY HERE:

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