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The mother of an Illinois eighth-grader says her daughter came home with a blatantly anti-Trump vocabulary assignment from. A fill-in the blank vocabulary quiz. AND... National Crayon Day? That's this Friday. Who makes these things up? AND... The collapse of academic standards. Better to make the standards easier so more appear to graduate, than actually...

Muslim professor at Rollins College insists Jesus wasn’t crucified. When a Christian student disagreed with her, he was suspended. AND... We call it free speech... they call it hate speech. It's #FreeSpeechBus. But HuffPo is calling it the Transphobic Bus Tour. Why? AND... At what age do Millennials consider themselves to be adults? 30? AND......
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Run for Congress – Get a girlfriend!

Williams and Hastings’ met in the 1980s. He was a federal judge facing impeachment and she was on the legal team representing him. After the trial, he hired her as a staff assistant in 1993. She has since worked her way up to her current position. Congressional staffers salaries have only been publicly reported since 2000.

Sanctuary City Mayors care more about lawbreakers than citizens!

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that New Yorkers will be at risk of terror if Attorney General Jeff Sessions follows through on cutting federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary cities

Jerry Brown finds Jesus!

Brown said, “The wall to me is ominous. It reminds me too much of the Berlin wall. When I see that 30-foot wall I worry somehow are they trying to keep me in or keep them out?

Los Angeles Schools need more hispanics!

Parents are outraged over a race-based school funding formula that’s driving budget cuts at a North Hollywood middle school – due to a higher percentage of white students.
Marina Nash, Kidnapped, Christian

The unspeakable happens after Muslims kidnap Christian girl

I hear of these kidnapping and torture at least once a week, my guess is we are talking about many hundreds of cases. I am beyond repulsed. Not only because the act itself is so abhorrent, but because the majority of the population of Egypt refuses to acknowledge these kidnappings, rapes and murders as crimes. Because the girls are Christian.

Healthcare: Voting like Stepford Legislators

Now the shoe is on the other foot and who is the party of no? Many major Democrat legislators have spoken out and said they simply would not work with Trump. Period! That doesn’t sound like a group that wants what’s right for our country. AT the core of these Democrat legislators is the thought that they are the righteous ones.
Brooklyn, Muslim street prayer

What message do Muslim prayer rooms send to American children?

Non-Muslim children take notice that Muslims receive privileges that non-Muslim children do not receive. In some schools, Muslim children are allowed to get up and leave the classroom while the others must remain. Even during exams. What message does this send to American children? It sends a message that Islam is Superior. And this is the purpose of prayer rooms at American schools. It also encourages conversions to Islam.
We The People, Govt Healthcare, Obamacare


The ACA woes are long-standing and obvious, and addressing them is long overdue. Both political parties need to face reality and unite for corrections. Democrats offer nothing but criticism and fright, while some recalcitrant Republicans obsess with killing the ACA immediately. Both are foolish. Action would be swift if the Washington “electeds” and their staff were mandated to use Obamacare.

Being heterosexual now disqualifies you from student government!

Winning student government candidate disqualified because he’s heterosexual.

Refugees encouraged to vote?

The Nebraska Democrat Party is handing out “welcome baskets” to refugees new to the Cornhusker state.

Trump – Last chance or I move along!

President Trump told the Republican holdouts that he was done negotiating, and that if this bill didn’t pass on Friday, they would be “stuck” with Obamacare

Pastor Says Ignore Scripture for moral values!

“I think culture is already there and the church will continue to be even more irrelevant when it quotes letters from 2,000 years ago as their best defense, when you have in front of you flesh-and-blood...

Carls Jr joins 9000 other companies leaving California!

So, thanks to the federal and state tax codes, American businesses are departing for friendlier shores -- taking thousands of high-paying jobs with them.
Temple Mount, Al-Aqsa Mosque

Tell King of Jordan: Allow Jews to pray out loud at Temple Mount!

You have caused a lot of curses on the nation of Israel and it is coming back to you tenfold. It would be behoove you to do one good thing on your way out. Allow the Jewish prayer Shema to be said out loud. If Islam is a "Religion of Peace" that believes in the same God we do, it should not be an issue. It will show to the world that we can CoExist.
Gorsuch Hearing, Senator Diane Feinstein, CSPAN, video still

ICYMI: Gorsuch shutting up Senator Feinstein [VIDEO]

It’s almost as if Judge Neil Gorsuch knew this question was coming... Committee Democrats have argued Gorsuch consistently rules in favor of corporate interests over and against needy plaintiffs.
ISIS, Top Leader, John Georgelas, Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir

An American is ISIS top leader in charge of overseas attacks

On December 5, 2016, ISIS announced al-Adnani’s successor: Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir. This is the new name for Texas born, John Georgelas, aka Yahya Abu Hassan. Muhajir is the word for someone who immigrated to the Islamic State and is a foreign fighter.
Privacy In The USA, FBI, Director James Comey, political cartoon

Exposed: There’s no such thing as ABSOLUTE privacy in America

FBI Director James Comey admitted there is no absolute privacy in America. NSA records and stores everything we say on our devices. Do you feel safer? Or violated?

Weaning dependents is always hard!

Kids’ meals at schools for families in need are covered by over a dozen different departments. Let’s get it down to one and save the overhead.


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