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Last year's book, Clinton Cash, details facts that even mainstream media has confirmed are accurate. So why aren't these things on the news every single night? AND... Bad news for Jimmy Kimmel. After having Hillary Clinton on as his guest, his rating dropped to 0.4 which lost to a Nick At Nite rerun of ‘Friends.’...

Red Cross tells local law enforcement volunteer to stop praying with flood victims. Do we still live in the United States of America? I thought we had freedom of religion here. AND... Pastor says the Bible is not the final authority on sex ethics. The Apostle Paul was wrong. Who knew?

WashDC is getting a real life lesson in economics as the city moves closer to implementing a $15 per hour minimum wage. AND... Media mogul Xander Gibb weighs in on civil unions, Donald Trump, and victim blaming.
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Hillary Clinton, Situation Room

Hillary: 11 Reasons this Woman Should NOT be President

How Hillary Clinton continues to be elected is beyond me. Even crazier is how mainstream journalists (and I use that term loosely!) manage to ignore her insanity, likely criminality, and blatant lies. Here are 11 reasons (to start!) why this woman should not be president.

Remember this? Hillary said “It’s my turn… and I deserve it”

Hillary says ‘It’s my turn. I’ve done my time, and I deserve it.’ Uh... since when are we "taking turns" at the presidency? And, oh by the way, the only one who "deserves" it is the candidate chosen by the American people through a secret ballot process we affectionately call "voting."

The contradiction behind the “Naked Trump” statue

The naked Donald Trump statue in New York is making headlines as American rush to post pictures and videos on social media. Depicting Trump as overweight, wrinkly and veiny, the Liberal art group that created it didn't seem to notice their own contradiction of their preached messages of hope, acceptance, liberating oneself and promoting positive images of one's body.
John Kirby

$400 Million: Whether it was “leverage” or “ransom” it sets a BAD precedence

Even though the US decided not to deliver the money until Iran guaranteed the liberation of hostages, Kirby insisted that was not ransom. Whether money was “leverage” or “ransom”, still Iran received it in exchange for the hostages. That can generate other problems... consider that the Iranian state could use the money to finance terrorist organizations as it has been doing in the past.
Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Israel

Americans in Israel Stump for Trump!

In Israel, there are over 300,000 registered American voters who in past elections made a huge difference. This is an excellent video which speaks directly to Jews and elaborates on how Donald Trump is a true friend of Israel and the American Jewish community.
Obama speech, podium

Terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam

Paired with the Left's refusal to accept the term "Radical Islamic Terror" and Obama's plan to fight terror "with love", it is clear that a solution to this pressing issue is not under the radar for the Obama Administration anytime soon.
Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti

NATO commander agrees with Trump on members’ payments

Donald Trump demands that NATO nations meet their financial obligations before they expect the United States to defend them. NATO’s top commander Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti says that without the nations’ payments, NATO cannot be militarily effective.
Hillary Clinton

Don’t worry, Hillary has a doctor’s note… she’s fine.

It is too obvious something is so seriously wrong with Hillary's health that someone could write a book about it. Hillary's campaign is in complete damage control mode calling everyone conspiracy freaks and kooks, but are they? A cancer sore caused by sunlight on John McCain's cheek ended with the release of over 1000 pages of medical records...
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Coincidence or corruption? Clinton Foundation’s ties to State Dept land deal

The State Department, after Hillary Clinton left her government position, started the process to buy real estate in Nigeria from a company owned by a donor to the Clinton Foundation. Coincidence? Or corruption?
Joe Biden

Biden reveals Nuclear Secrets… so much for Trump being a loose cannon!

At one point, it felt as if Joe Biden was taking a stab at Hillary because, let's be honest, when can we ever trust this woman? However, shortly after Joe spoke about Trump's supposed lack of judgment, he proceeded to tell everyone who has the codes...

The Altered Dem universe

People get a clue! The mainstream media wouldn’t call out Hillary or Obama or any other high-ranking official if they were caught beheading Christians themselves
teacher, students, classroom

Strangers recruited from dog parks are going to teach your children!

Fresno school district in California has a shortage of teachers and the administration is looking to dog parks, coffee shops and even Mexico to find new recruits.
Hillary Clinton, giving speech

Hillary Clinton disrespects rape victims

Hillary Clintons feminist bait "the right to be believed" phrase for rape victims was taken down from her website after sexual allegations surfaced against her husband.
US Gymnastics Girls

Is American Athlete Gabby Douglas Unpatriotic?

For Gabby Douglas, one of the American gymnasts, this would be her second time representing her country and lift its name high with three gold medals. However, the media is not commenting on her performance, but criticizing her for not placing her hand over her heart during the National Anthem.
Clinton, Obama

Obama’s opinion on Hillary: THEN and NOW

In 2008, both Clinton and Obama wanted to be the Democrat nominee in the presidential election that year. And in order to sell themselves as the best the choice, they each spoke viciously about why their opponent should not be president. Obama did not hesitate to tell everyone that Hillary had a questionable track record as Senator.
Bill Clinton, speaking

Once a Clinton, Always a Clinton. Where did the Nuclear Codes go?

Former Joint Chiefs of Staff in the defense department exposes some of the mishaps that occurred during Bill Clinton's presidency such as the nuclear codes that went missing -- without his knowledge.
Hillary Clinton, Sideview

Hillary “surges” in FAKE polls

Hillary Clintons 18 point lead against Donald Trump was fake. She is now only leading by a mere 3 points.

IRS goes for Olympic gold

The Internal Revenue Service is also very interested in the medals that each athlete receives, and not because they're bringing honor to America’s name. It cares because, thanks to the “victory tax” it collects 39.6% of the money that the US Olympic Committee grants each awarded American athletes.


Who is a true friend to Israel?

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