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Friday, June 23, 2017


The experts are saying that the Democrats are sooooo stubborn that they will hand the Presidency back to Trump in 2018

Julio Rivera the "ConservaRican" joins Joe to discuss the issues of the day!

Xander Gibb openly gay CONSERVATIVE talk show host talks about the day's events from his point of view.
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Only HALF the teens you know are having Sex!

According to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report reflecting data from 2011 to 2015, about 42 percent of girls and about 44 percent of boys ages 15-19 reported that they'd had sex

Dems complain about money in politics! Thats Rich!

Guy who blew $30 million trying to get elected in a district where he doesn't reside calls for campaign fiscal restraint.

“Trigger warnings” were first used on the internet by feminist websites!

At Brown University, a protest mounted against a speaker who opposed liberal feminism because “bringing in a speaker like that could serve to invalidate people’s experiences,” it could be “damaging.”

Professor Calls White People “Inhuman”

President Berger-Sweeny is absolutely correct. Violence is never an acceptable response to this sort of vile sputum. And neither is letting someone bleed out on a baseball field just because he’s a white man.

Obama Admin BLEW 150 Billion on green energy!

Obama managed to repeatedly misappropriate funds for his green energy wet dream, and taxpayers lost billions. Along with what we’ve already discussed, Obama buried climate change in almost all his legislation. He attempted to make climate change expenditures difficult to track and even more difficult to remove.

Is this still America???

He won the election fair and square and the least every freedom loving American owes him is a chance to do the job before writing him off totally in order to be seen as cool or just to save face.

NEW Libertarian club in BIG trouble!

“Coming out against [campus leftists] is going to subject you to some real trouble,” recent graduate Parker Wells, a member of Young Americans for Liberty, told The College Fix.

California colleges cap out of state citizens – Illegals OK!

The University of California already offers illegal immigrants perks for studying within the UC system. Illegals under DACA who qualify for California’s AB 540 status are eligible for in-state tuition rates (around $15,000 per year) as opposed to out-of-state rates (around $40,000 per year).

New “T” Shirt – Hope I dont get killed!

“The shirt was created to bring light into the every day problems that blacks face between police and black-on-black crimes,” Tyreke's older brother, Malik, said. “The shirt exemplifies a voice that we have, but may not be heard. So why not have people see it?”

Dunham says we dont needs fathers!

It never ends. Would be great to have just 1 day without the unnecessary SJW commentary.

Otto Warmbier dies from North Korean torture: Obama – this is your legacy!

Trump needs to put enough pressure on China to steamroll these f*cktards. No more buying products from WalMart guys – pay a little more and get them from .. uh.. Singapore – I don’t know – but just get on the program.

The REAL Russian Democrat Connection!

First Trump should plead guilty. Pence should pardon and then nominate him for VP. Once affirmed Pence should resign, Trump would become president and then nominate Pence for VP. Problem solved.

Mothers wants infants permission to pick em up! REALLY?

Others were more supportive, and said they do the same thing. Robin Weir, mother to a seven-month-old boy, wrote “We do this too… makes it feel more like we’re doing things ‘with’ him rather than ‘to’ him.”

Suspending 1st amnd OK if speech outrages students!

"Speech that incites violence or that classifies as hate speech...should not be tolerated on our campus."

Free Tampons for All – Even if you dont want them!

The Office of the Dean and University Health Services would also provide “continued funding and distribution” for menstrual products. The resolution estimates menstruating individuals pay $7-10 per month for their own menstrual products.

Feminist suggests we use Euthanasia Vans to weed out OLD people!

“Euthanasia vans — just like ice-cream vans — that would come to your home,” Hopkins says. “It would all be perfectly charming. They might even have a nice little tune they’d play. I mean this genuinely. I’m super-keen on euthanasia vans.

Dem legislator takes money from Russian company – Where is the outrage?

Hardcore anti-Trump Democrat Senator from Virginia and Russia conspiracy theorist, Mark Warner, made $6 million from Russian search engine and tech company Yandex back in 2012.

Corbyn wants to take private homes for fire victims!

It came as John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, urged the unions to mobilise more than a million people to protest in London on July 1 in a bid to pressure Mrs May into standing down.


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